About Us

 Christina Spann was the founder and CEO of Lightspann Illumination Design from 1991 until 2011, when the company was acquired by Hammerton, Inc. of Salt Lake City. She held the position of VP of Sales and Design for Hammerton until the Spring of 2014, and is continuing her artistic passions of fixture designing, painting and illustration. She also facilitates annual personal, professional, and family Goal-Setting retreats throughout the Bay Area.

Under Pumphouse Studios, Christina will design or co-design light fixtures, provide expert consultation on lighting projects (including vendor relationships and material selection), and can act as the purchasing agent when necessary.




Paul Hammond brought his instructional and graphic design skills to Lightspann in 2001 after several years producing educational video and online courses. Upon the Lightspann acquisition he helped launch Tegan Lighting, which produces highly engineered decorative LED fixtures and low-voltage systems for the commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential markets.

Paul can work with you to produce marketing collateral, press releases, email campaigns, and technical specification sheets.